Last week, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) took a huge step in empowering women in service through the conduct of the first-ever national level all-female radio operators course known as the ANGELS OF THE SEA.

PCG Deputy Commandant for Operations, Vice Admiral Leopoldo V Laroya commended the 81 graduates of the ANGELS OF THE SEA Class 01 - 2021 for accepting the challenge of honing their communication skills so they could be instrumental in upholding maritime law enforcement, maritime safety, and maritime security in the country's waters.

"We recognize the evolving unique importance of having FEMALE RADIO OPERATORS aboard PCG vessels and shorebased units, especially in communicating with foreign ships, so as not to elevate tension," VADM Laroya said.

We want our ANGELS OF THE SEA to become the VOICE OF PEACEFUL AND RULES-BASED ORDER AT SEA, especially in our country's sensitive maritime frontiers," he added.

VADM Laroya further shared the Command is well-aware of the prevailing gender discrimination in the uniformed services, where the voices of men weigh heavier than the voice of women.

Hence, the PCG Deputy Commandant for Operations urged the newly-graduated ANGELS OF THE SEA to advocate women empowerment by fully embracing their capability to influence social change through Coast Guard service.

"To our graduates, know that you could be great influencers and convincers by raising your voices with less pressure to sway those who are listening, which will then lead to successful operations," VADM Laroya expressed.

The graduation ceremony of the ANGELS OF THE SEA Class 01 - 2021 coincided with the culmination of the PCG's anti-terrorism and anti-piracy training in Southern Mindanao under the Task Force Pagsasanay.