The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has solidified its resolve as the third armed service of the Republic of the Philippines with the signing of the tripartite mechanism to further enhance interoperability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), and the PCG during internal and external security operations in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City on 23 July 2021.

Gracing the ceremony via virtual modality, PCG Commandant, Admiral George V Ursabia Jr emphasized that said mechanism is the best legacy that they could leave behind in securing the nation for mankind’s sake. 

“The formulation of the tripartite mechanism was built from the ground by men in uniformed services who selflessly served jointly with our peers for years, and further stimulated and sustained at the policy side,” Admiral Ursabia said.

“Let mutual respect remain as our binding force. To the younger ones whom we will leave behind, always look for the realistic and equitable common ground to cultivate mutual respect to found a very strong and self-sustaining collaboration,” the Coast Guard Commandant added, addressing junior officers and personnel of the AFP, PNP, and PCG who joined the ceremony.

For his part, AFP Chief of Staff, General Cirilito E Sobejana welcomed the PCG’s inclusion in the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Center (JPSCC) that he believed will lead to future united efforts in upholding maritime law enforcement, maritime security, maritime safety, and marine environmental protection.

“Together with our co-chairs from the PNP and the PCG, we can provide a secure environment conducive for national development, without prejudice to our respective mandates,” General Sobejana expressed.

Moreover, PNP Chief, General Guillermo T Eleazar emphasized that the signing of Resolution No. 11 - 2021 which included the PCG in the JPSCC was a manifestation of their collective desire to enhance cooperation towards winning the war on terrorism and insurgency.

“We take pride in welcoming, officially, the Philippine Coast Guard in the JPSCC Family. The documents that we signed are products of painstaking work that harnessed the positive ideas and modest contribution of our respective agencies aimed at ensuring a more effective campaign against terrorism and insurgency,” General Eleazar furthered.

In the revised structure, the National JPSCC will be headed by the AFP Chief of Staff, PNP Chief, and PCG Commandant, while PNP Directors for Integrated Police Operation, AFP Unified Commanders, and PCG District Commanders will supervise the Regional and Provincial JPSCCs.

To end his remark, the PCG Commandant urged his fellow public servants in the armed services to recognize their weaknesses so they could address such and be able to maximize their strengths. He also encouraged them to keep their patriotism and passion as their foundations in working together to secure, defend, and fight for peace and development.

“The geographic reality that we are a maritime and archipelagic country is here to stay. This is something we have to live with, but can only best put the due value on, if we are able to work as one force of the nation for the grander common good. It is a journey worth taking together as one at sea for our common end-state – peace with dignity for a prosperous country and people,” Admiral Ursabia concluded.