Memorandum Circular Title MC Number Downloadable
 Emergency Readiness Evaluation (ERE)  08-12
 Routeing System at Verde Island Passage and the Batangas Sea Lane  08-08  
 Port State Control  01-00  
 Pasig River Safety, Security, and the Governance of its Ecosystem  05-07  
 Operation and Maintenance of Aids to Navigation  07-96  
 Rules and Regulations Prescribing the Establishment, Administration, Operation, and Maintenance of Private Aids to Navigation  01-05  
 Routeing System at Corregidor Island Passages (North and South Channels)  03-03  
 Routeing System at Cebu-Mactan Channel Southern Approach  05-03  
 Navigational Clearance for Road Bridges  05-97  
 Routeing System at Malapascua Island, Cebu  06-03  
 Establishment of Manila - Cavite Sea Lane  14-93  
 Prevention of Pollution by Garbage  07-14  
 Rules and Regulations for tank Cleaning and the Collection and Disposal of Diluted Oil and other Substances  08-14  
 Accreditation of Oil Water Separators, Oil Containment, Recovery and Dispersal Equipment and Chemical Dispersant  04-05  
 Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan for Philippine Registered Vessels  09-14  
 Issuance of International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate to Philippine Registered Vessels  06-05  
 Prevention of Pollution by Sewage   10-14  
 Procedures for the Dumping of Wastes and other Harmful matter within the Philippine Maritime Jurisdiction  11-14  
 Marine Pollution Inspection/Apprehension Report  02-06  
 Inspection Guidelines for Domestic Tankers  03-06  
 Guidelines on Movement of Vessels during Heavy Weather  02-13  
 Master's Declaration of Safe Departure  05-12  
 Vessel Safety Enforcement Inspections  06-12  
 Pre-Departure Inspection  07-12  
 Guidelines on Conducting Marine Parades, Regattas and Other Maritime Related Activities for the Promotion of Safety of Life at Sea 04-14  
 Guidelines for Safety and Security Requirements of Coastal and Beach Resorts and Vessels with Pool Facilities Including Qualification and Requirements of Lifeguards for the Promotion of Life at Sea 03-14  
 Guidelines for the Operation of Recreational Water Crafts for the Promotion of Safety of Life at Sea 02-14