Sixty Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) officers and personnel participated in the PCG MODERNIZATION PLAN PRIMING WORKSHOP held in Manila on 11 to 12 August 2022.

The Office of the Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Strategic Studies and Modernization, CG-15 initiated the activity to craft a REALISTIC, RELIABLE, AND SUSTAINABLE PCG CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

In his message, Marine Environmental Protection Commander, CG Rear Admiral Robert Patrimonio, emphasized that the workshop results shall serve as a baseline for facing existing challenges.

"By the time we acquire the assets and resources we need, our goal of effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling our vision will be attained and even higher than how we envision our organization," CG Rear Admiral Patrimonio added.

During the workshop, Philippine Navy (PN) Modernization Office Director, Captain Emerson David, presented the PN modernization plan. He was followed by Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Strategic Studies and Modernization, CG Captain Eric Ferrancullo, who discussed the PCG Acquisition Plan and its related issues and concerns.

Meanwhile, CG Lieutenant Commander Macy Gabion shared about the PCG Maritime Strategy.

During the breakout sessions, the participants were divided into groups according to PCG core functions. They crafted presentations on ways to fulfill the capability requirements of the PCG maritime strategy for an 18-year project.

During the closing ceremony, Maritime Safety Services Commander, CG Rear Admiral Joseph Coyme, highlighted the importance of developing the PCG Modernization Plan to understand further the organization's mission, vision, and core values.

"The plan will provide a concrete perspective to understand and realize our strategic objectives to ensure the effective execution of these mandates through the planning and implementation of programs, projects, and activities," CG Rear Admiral Coyme furthered.

"The implementation of our future assets and bases is one of the PCG's missions to increase and modify its capability as the guardian of the sea. Thank you for your significant contributions that made this workshop fruitful," he ended.