This agreement made and entered into by and between:

The PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD, a government agency created under the law, with offices at 139 25th St., Port Area, Manila represented by its Commandant, ADMIRAL DANILO A. ABINOJA and hereinafter referred to as the “OCG”;

The WHITE ROCK BEACH RESORT HOTEL, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with principal office at Purok 3Bo. Matain, Subic , Zambales represented here in by VERONICA GORDON LORENZANA hereinafter referred to as the “CORPORATION”


WHEREAS, the PCG, pursuant to its mandated function of promoting “safety of life at sea”, which can be better achieved through the establishment and maintenance of land support facilities, considers it of paramount importance the extensive rehabilitation and continued maintenance and operation of the Lighthouse in Capones Island situated at Pundakit, San Antonio, Zambales.

WHEREAS, the trust of the National Government and Local Government Units of the country is to promote the tourism industry and it has long been the aspiration of the people of the Municipality of San Antonio for the development of the Lighthouse in Capones Island as a tourist spot and destination;

WHEREAS, due to lack of funds, the PCG initiated, with the consent of the President of the Republic of the Philippines the “Adopt a Lighthouse Project” to ensure the preservation and maintenance of lighthouses, many of which were built during the early times like the Lighthouse in Capones Island;

WHEREAS, it is an earnest belief that in order to hasten the development and promotion of the project. The corporation has volunteered and so agreed to adopt the Lighthouse in Capones, Island;

WHEREAS, the PCG, recognizing the potential of this project, is very much willing that private corporation undertakes this project not only to promote tourism but also improve the socio economic condition of the locality;

WHEREAS, the corporation has the management and financial capabilities to undertake this project.

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and mutual covenants and undertaking herein set forth, the PCG agrees and the CORPORATION accepts, under the Adopt A Lighthouse Program, to adopt Lighthouse in Capones Island under the following terms and conditions, to wit:



1. continue to be the sole owner and the administrator of the Lighthouse Capones Island with the right to deny entrance into the area during emergency.
2. remain responsible for the actual operation and reguslar maintenance of the Lighthouse Capones Island including all supporting mechanism (i.e. solar panels, batteries, etc.)
3. be responsible in the deployment of Coast Guard personnel to oversee it’s the operation;
4. allow the COPORATION to repair/rehabilitate and maintain its structures (main building and tower) without altering the original design;
5. supervise any construction and development activity of the Lighthouse Capones Island and its area;

II. On the part of the __________________________:

The Corporation shall:

1. take charge of the rehabilitation/development of the Lighthouse Capones Island structure and its vicinity;
2. source-out funds for the rehabilitation of Lighthouse Capones Island building;
3. not interfere with the operation and function of the Lighthouse;
4. request permission from the PCG before any improvement and construction shall be made;
5. assure that no settlement of any kind shall be undertaken within the lighthouse area in accordance with provision of existing laws.
This Memorandum of Agreement shall take effect on the date of signing and be effective for a period of twenty five (25) years and renewable for the same period and shall only be terminated with the mutual consent of the parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their signature this ____ day of ________ at _____________________

PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD                                                        WHITE ROCK RESORT HOTEL

ADMIRAL DANILO A ABINOJA                                                   VERONICA GORDON LORENZANA
COMMANDANT                                                                                 PRESIDENT