The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Special Operations Unit – Western Visayas has located the remains of Cook Julian Dungog inside the inner compartment of the sunken FV St. Peter Fisherman II yesterday, 28 September 2021.

According to PCG District Western Visayas Commander, CG Commodore Hostillo Arturo E Cornelio, the body was already in its advanced stage of decomposition. Due to the presence of debris that may endanger the lives of PCG divers, the team has decided to retrieve the cadaver during the salvage operation of the sunken vessel that will be conducted by the Tristar Fishing Corporation.

The PCG search and retrieval team also checked the ship’s net, following information from one of the survivors that the last missing fisherman, Third Engineer Manuel Auditor was texting on the upper deck when the incident occurred. PCG divers presumed that his body might be trapped at the ship’s net but upon inspection, it yielded a negative result.

With the termination of the search and retrieval operation, Coast Guard units safeguarding the sunken site shall continue to monitor the area. Fishermen were also tapped to be on the lookout and report possible sightings of a floating cadaver for necessary measure and proper disposition.