The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) District Palawan responds to a plane crash incident at the vicinity waters off Barangay Tinegueban, El Nido, Palawan today, 10 December 2021.

Based on initial information from the Philippine Air Force (PAF), the distressed aircraft was RPC979, CESSNA 206 type private plane owned by Aerohub.

The distressed aircraft departed from San Vicente Airport in Palawan at around 01:06 p.m. going to Sangley Point Airport in Cavite with two persons on board (POB) and 25 boxes of live fish as cargo.

At around 01:53 p.m., RPC979 ditched at the vicinity waters off Barangay Tinegueban due to engine trouble (engine out).

Upon receipt of the incident report, the PCG District Palawan immediately launched a search and rescue (SAR) team that spotted the distressed aircraft floating near Duli Beach in El Nido, Palawan at around 03:50 p.m.

PCG District Palawan Commander, CG Captain Angel Z Viliran has instructed the deployment of the BRP Capones (MRRV-4404) to augment the ongoing SAR operation.

As of 04:24 p.m., the two POB, one male pilot in command (PIC) and one female mechanic, were safely rescued by the PCG SAR team and are now underway to the Coast Guard Station El Nido for further assistance.

The PCG SAR team is also working on salvaging the aircraft.