The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) responds to a vessel collision incident involving MV HAPPY HIRO, a cargo vessel sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, and FB JOT-18, a Filipino fishing vessel, in the vicinity waters off Maracanao Island, Agutaya, Palawan, yesterday, 28 May 2022.

A transiting fishing boat provided immediate rescue assistance to 13 out of 20 fishermen of FB JOT-18. The seven fishermen remain missing as of press time.

The 13 rescued fishermen were transferred to MV HAPPY HIRO which ferried them to the vicinity waters off Lipata, Culasi, Antique to seek further assistance. Upon clearance from the BOQ, PCG’s BRP Panglao (FPB-2402) ferried the rescued fishermen to the shoreline.

According to MV HAPPY HIRO’s Medical Officer, Mr. Mckinley Amante, a resident of San Miguel, Iloilo, the 12 of the 13 rescued fishermen obtained scratches. The 13th fisherman had a minor wound on his head. He was given first aid and remains in a stable health condition.

The majority of the fishermen of FB JOT-18 are residents of Bantayan Island, Cebu. One of them is residing in Estancia, Iloilo:


1. Donde Petiero, 38, Estancia, Iloilo

2. Roderico Mata, 31

3. Randy Mata, 36

4. Renie Espinosa, 38

5. Mario Quezon, 24

6. Sammuel Ducay, 40

7. Rendil Dela Peña, 42

8. Martin E. Flores Jr., 58

9. Jupiter Jbañiez, 38

10. Andring Pasicaran, 43

11. Jonel Mata, 30

12. Joemar Pahid, 32

13. Arjay Barsaga, 26

PCG’s BRP Suluan (MRRV-4406), PCG Station Cuyo, and PCG Sub-Station Agutay in Iloilo continue their operations to rescue the missing fishermen.

[Progress report to follow]