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PCG: Three seafarers were put into safety after their motor tug boat sunk in Batangas on 02 August at around 4 PM.

Investigation revealed that M/T Gothong 3 and M/T Gothong 5 both came from Phoenix Oil Depot in Calaca, Batangas when the incident occurred.

The ships were reportedly both on their way to Maricaban, Batangas to take shelter when big waves caused the M/T Gothong 3 to sink at vicinity waters of Barrio Bagalangit in Anilao, Batangas.

Technical divers including those from the Philippine Coast Guard were in Anilao at the time of the incident and rescued the three crewmen onboard the sunken vessel.

PCG Station in Batangas also dispatched personnel on board an aluminum boat to render assistance to the vessel in distress.

All three crew of M/T Gothong 3 and eight crew of M/T Gothong 5 were accounted safe.