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PCG: Seven Chinese crew members were put into safety after their fishing vessel caught fire and sunk at 18 NM Southeast off Mouligi Island, Mapun in Tawi-Tawi yesterday, 13 August.

Coast Guard Station (CGS) Mapun disclosed that a certain Jonathan Tiblan, an employee of Municipal Hospital in Mapun, reported that he received a radio call from Capt. Cipriano Enoy, skipper of F/B King & Queen that a Chinese fishing vessel was on fire and eventually sunk at said island.

F/B King & Queen was plying the said vicinity and successfully rescued all seven Chinese crew, who were all in good physical condition.

Accordingly, Captain Enoy cannot get further information from the Chinese crew because they can't speak and understand English.

F/B King and Queen with all seven rescued Chinese crew is currently on its way to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for proper disposition.