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PCG: Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, Vice Admiral Rodolfo D Isorena with Maritime Safety Services Command (MSSC) Commander, COMMO GILBERT S RUERAS PCG led the activation of MSSC as a two-star rank position based on the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) approved by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications, Honorable Joseph Emilio Abaya at the Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard yesterday, 08 September.

MSSC based on the approved Department Order shall assist the Commandant in the formulation of rules and regulations to promote Maritime Safety. It is also tasked to provide the policy doctrines based on the mission direction provided by the Command in relation to the PCG’s core functions.

It shall also assume the administration and operational control of Maritime Search and Rescue Group which shall be designated as the Maritime Rescue Command Center (MRCC).

Earlier, COMMO AARON T RECONQUISTA PCG was designated as Commander of the newly activated PCG Maritime Security and Law Enforcement Command (MARSLEC).