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PCG: The seaborne patrol team of the Coast Guard, Navy and Bantay Dagat have confiscated last Sunday, September 7, various paraphernalia used for illegal fishing and illegal logging from an abandoned motor boat in Taytay, Palawan.

28 pieces of lumber amounting to P35,520 were likewise confiscated.

The joint team of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Liminangcong, Naval Intelligence Security Group (NISG) and Bantay Dagat Palawan received a report that an illegal logging activity of lumber (Ipil) is conducted at Purok 1, Tumbod Taytay, Palawan.

During its seaborne patrol, the team spotted an unnamed motorbanca with compressor placed in its open deck and a few quantity of lumber. 

Immediately, the team conducted inspection and Bantay Dagat Palawan confiscated the air compressor, air tank and more or less 120 meters compressor hose for violation of Provincial Ordinance Nr 819 known as “Banning the use of Compressor as Breathing Apparatus in all fishing activities in the province of Palawan”.

The team also issued a receipt for confiscated items.

Subsequently, the CGSS Liminangcong personnel issued Maritime Violation Receipt (MVR) and Certificate of Orderly Inspection (COI) to subject motorbanca, owned and operated by a certain Basilio Tayong for the following violations:

1. Operating/ Navigating without Certificate of Ownership

2. Operating/ Navigating without Certificate of Vessel Registry

3. Operating/ Navigating without Certificate of Number

4. Operating/ Navigating without Bay and River License

5. Operating/ Navigating without Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate

6. Operating/ Navigating without Minimum Safe Manning Certificate

The items were brought to said sub-station for safekeeping and proper custody.