PCG: Six passengers and a medically evacuated patient were rescued by the personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Culion from a distressed motor boat in the vicinity waters of Chindonan, Culion, Palawan last Sunday, October 12. 

Motor banca GMDA reportedly lost power and incurred fuel air lock on its engine. 

Upon receipt of said report from a certain Ariane Lorenzo, the search and rescue team of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Culion were deployed to render assistance to the stranded passengers. 

Around 11:20PM, the following passengers were rescued:

1.      Hilden Amit, 28 years old (Boast Captain)

2.      Harold Amit, 27 years old (crew)

3.      Arjay Estacio, 19 years old (patient)

4.      Divina Matias, 44 years old (relative)

5.      Jocelyn Silidonio, 53 years old (relative)

6.      Jace May Panilas, 24 years old (social worker);

7.      Arriane Lorenzo, 27 years old (representative from Coron Municipal Hospital)

Investigation revealed that the said motor banca departed Lualhati Park in Coron, Palawan enroute to Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital, Palawan for an emergency medical evacuation to Estacio. While underway, the boat incurred engine trouble. 

Around 11:40PM, the motor banca resumed its normal operation and was escorted by the SAR Team of CGSS Culion enroute to port of Culion. The passengers, together with the SAR Team, arrived safely at the Culion Port. 

Estacio was fetched by an ambulance of Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital for further medical treatment and evaluation.