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PCG: Elements of the Philippine Coast Guard in Maasin, Leyte have successfully rescued nine passengers from a drifting motor boat at the vicinity waters of Canigao Islands, Matalom, Leyte.

The incident was reported by Pia Escarten, ticketing clerk of M/Bca Neri Boy Allen Rey, to the Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Bato last Thursday, October 16.

Escarten informed the Coast Guard that said motor boat went dead on water while underway to Ubay, Bohol.

The personnel of CGSS Bato immediately contacted the boat captain of M/Bca Neri Boy Allen Rey identified as Joy Cinco and proceeded at the area to conduct rescue operations.

Around 4:12 PM, the team onboard M/Bca Mama Mary and M/Bca Mama Ervin sighted the distressed boat and towed it back to Bato Port where all passengers disembarked in good physical condition.

Cinco related to the Coast Guard that the boat encountered engine trouble upon leaving Bato Port until they drifted towards an unknown direction.