PCG: The Philippine Coast Guard in Sual, Pangasinan continues to inspect the shorelines of Barangay Pangascasan to assess the extent of oil spill which originated from a pipeline of Energy Power Plant.

About 20 drums (4,000 liters) of heavy fuel oil (HFO) leaked from a ruptured pipeline of Energy Power Plant around 2:23AM yesterday.

The oil was released to the cooling system outfall which was controlled and contained by the said power plant.

The HFO rapidly spread and reached the shoreline of Barangay Pangascasan. 

The incident was reported to the Coast Guard only until 1:17PM by a certain Joy Fernandez of Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Office of Sual, Pangasinan. 

Immediately, the team of CGS Sual together with Special Operations Unit (SOU-NWLZN) inspected the shoreline of Brgy Pangascanan to verify the report.  

According to Melissa Meneses, Environmental Management Officer of the said plant, the HFO seeped off from the damaged pipe at 2:23AM yesterday causing an approximate 4,000 liters of oil to spread into the shorelines of Barangay Pangascasan.

The personnel of CGS Sual together with MEPU La Union proceeded to the area to assessed the damage to the environment and conduct thorough inspections prior issuance of appropriate Inspection Apprehension Report (IAR) and subsequently filing of necessary charges against the power plant owner/operator.