PCG: A crooked rudder post and propeller stalled a motor boat from crossing Romblon to Antique last Tuesday, October 28, leaving seven passengers stranded at sea.

Aside from its broken parts,the unnamed motor boat ran aground a mile off Lipata Point due to poor visibility, moderate rains, rough seas and the skipper's unfamiliarity with the area. 

One of the passengers identified as Elnor Mercurio Magay, swam to the shoreline of Brgy. Lipata, Culasi, Antique to ask for rescue assistance from the Coast Guard.

Magay stated that they have left Antique to deliver the boat in Romblon but ran aground while underway.

The elements of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Lipata immediately rescued the remaining six passengers and towed the boat to the shoreline of Barangay Lamputong, Culasi, Antique. 

Around 9:00AM the following day, a patron inspected the boat and found out that its rudder post, propeller shaft and propeller was slightly bent.

Upon completion of repair, CGSS Lipata advised the owner of the motorboat that they would only be allowed to sail to Hamtic, Antique with two passengers onboard.

All rescued passengers were in good physical condition and have stayed overnight in CGSS Lipata while the rest guarded the boat.