PCG: The Philippine Coast Guard rescued two persons from imminent drowning in the waters of Dumaguete City early this week. 

The first incident involved a 19-year old mentally ill teenager who reportedly swam towards Chin Loong Restaurant in Boulevard, Dumaguete City around 4:30 PM last Sunday, November 9.

Upon receipt of report from Task Force Sagarr, the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Dumaguete composed of Special Operations Unit (SOU) and Marine Environmental Protection Unit (MEPU), immediately conducted a water search and rescue operations for the victim identified as Marci Catacutan.

The Coast Guard managed to approach the victim by employing a soothing form of communication and later brought her to the shoreline. 

Task Force Sagarr informed CGS Dumaguete that Catacutan was already admitted at the Talay, Rehabilitation Center in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. 

The victim was safely turned-over to Task Force Sagarr.

Three days later, another rescue operations was successfully conducted by CGS Dumaguete as a frail man was drifted to the deeper portion of the sea. 

The victim identified as Gordon Merced, 56, was seen floating at the vicinity waters of Dumaguete Port by the crew of MV Super Shuttle Ferry 12. 

Merced was swiftly recovered by the SAR team of CGS Dumaguete and brought to the nearest vessel MV Maria Gloria for health check-up.

Inquiry with the victim revealed that he was washed away by strong current while swimming near the shoreline of Port of Dumaguete. 

He drifted for as far as 250 meters but was not able to swim back to shore due to weakness. 

At 5:30 PM of the same day, the said victim was properly turned-over safely to his immediate family.