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PCG: About 2,000 boxes of cigarettes from China were confiscated by Coast Guard personnel from a Taiwanese fishing boat at the Port of Currimao in Ilocos Norte yesterday.

Reports reaching Coast Guard Action Center in Manila revealed that the shipments were from a wooden-hulled foreign fishing boat skippered by Taiwanese Capt. Chen Yon Ji and manned by four Indonesian and two Taiwanese nationals.

Said boat was described to be painted white, its bow marked with CT-2489 on the starboard side and 2189 on her portside.

Various brands of cigarettes such as MM (black packed) charcoal and MM (white packed) charcoal, all made in Europe; and Golden Bridge, PRC and Dubliss, all made in China were unloaded from the fishing boat upon arrival last Wednesday at the said port.

Joint elements of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Currimao, Coast Guard K9 in Northwestern Luzon, Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Bureau of Customs (BUCUS) Manila immediately arrived at the vicinity to conduct verification and inspection aboard said vessel to determine any violations concerning Tariff and Customs Code and other maritime regulations.

The cargoes were properly turned-over to CGS Currimao for verification on the documentation compliance while waiting for issuance of Warrant of Seizure and Detention by the BUCUS.