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PCG: A total of 35 passengers were rescued by the Coast Guard personnel in Batangas following a boat collision in Calumpang river at around 6:30 pm last Friday, November 28.

Reports received from a certain Andrew Suayan revealed that motor bancas Bingo and Lady Heart Kim  accidentally collided with each other while crossing from the opposite ends of Calumpang river.

Motor banca Bingo, skippered by Capt. Salvador Zulueta, was loaded with 10 passengers while Lady Heart Kim, skippered by Capt. Hartwel Claro, was loaded with 25 passengers when the incident occurred.

The personnel of CGS Batangas together with CDRRMO conducted rescue operations onboard four motor bancas operating in the area.

All passengers were successfully rescued and were subsequently sent home to their respective families in good physical condition.