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The month of December is the most awaited and most celebrated month by many of our fellowmen. But for us here in the Philippine Coast Guard, it definitely means more work to be done, and tighter security in ports and oceans. Ladies and gentlemen, this should not stop us from looking forward to the Christmas season- the season of giving, of love, and of forgiveness.
We purposely lit up this 10-foot Christmas tree as soon as darkness fell today, to remind us that despite our busy schedules, our heavy workloads, our own hardships, and the dark days that we have been going through, there is light in the joy and hope that Christmas brings. May this tall, glowing symbol of Christmas inspire us to unite despite our differences, and find peace deep within our hearts. We have been dubbed as saviors for rescuing lives at sea, but we have a whole lot of learning to take from the Savior himself, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his own life to redeem humanity. 
Let this Christmas tree lighting today be the first of a long tradition here in the Philippine Coast Guard, and may the light of this tree shine in our hearts this Christmas time, and even beyond.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

PCG Commandant