The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has provided the following updates on the nationwide recruitment of aspiring PCG commissioned officers and enlisted personnel today, 24 April 2021:

1) The PCG will recruit more than 3,000 trainees and 700 candidate officers from various regions across the country this year.

2) The RESUMPTION OF THE PCG NATIONWIDE RECRUITMENT HAS YET TO BE FINALIZED, pending approval of budget for additional personnel from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

3) Applicants in CY 2020 will be considered and included, as soon as the recruitment process resumes.

4) However, applicants who passed the PCG recruitment process (from examination to deliberation) and were not called for training at the end of CY 2019 and prior years, need to RE-TAKE the Aptitude Battery Test, provided they STILL MEET ALL MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.

5) Points #3 and #4 also apply to LATERAL ENTRY APPLICANTS.

6) Please take note that the PCG will only consider LATERAL ENTRY APPLICANTS WITH SPECIALIZED SKILLS, such as, but not limited to pilots, engineers, IT cybersecurity specialists, doctors, and maritime industry professionals, among others.

7) For inquiries and/or more information about the PCG nationwide recruitment, please call the PCG RECRUITMENT BRANCH at 0963-4768-968 or 0926-2165-507. Please follow their official Facebook page to receive latest updates: