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PCG: The personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Coron together with Special Operations Unit (SOU) Palawan successfully rescued the passengers onboard motorbancas Madel and Ryza at vicinity of Coron Bay last Friday, January 1.

A certain Β  Jimboy Lonoy reported the incident to CGS Coron.

Immediately, CGS Coron together with SOU Palawan conducted rescue operation of the two motorbancas and successfully rescued the three passengers onboard Mbca Madel and four passengers onboard Mbca Ryza all in good physical condition.

Accordingly, Mbca Madel departed Barangay Tagumpay, Coron Palawan with 4 passengers onboard enroute to Cyc Island, Coron Palawan when they encountered rough seas that resulted to capsize. Meanwhile, Mbca Ryza with three passengers onboard was navigating on the vicinity when they sighted the capsized Mbca Madel and immediately render assistance and recued all the passengers. Mbca Ryza successfully transferred all the passengers’ onboard and navigates enroute to Coron Town Proper when they encountered rough seas and also capsized.

CGS Coron advised the owner of the two motorbancas to repair the boat and engine before going back to their normal operation.