PCG: A 19-year old male was found dead at the shoreline of Brgy. Rabon, in San Fabian, Pangasinan by the joint search and rescue team composed of Coast Guard Sub-station San Fabian personnel and MDRRMC-WASAR San Fabian on January 26 at 8:40 am after he drowned while swimming at the vicinity waters of Barangay Nibaliw.

The victim, identified as a certain Josua Vonne Guerrero, was said to be on a swimming activity together with his friends on January 24 at 10:20am when he was suddenly dragged more or less 40 meters away from their swimming area by a strong current causing him to drown.

The incident was reported to CGSS San Fabian by Mr. Arman Baste, Team Leader of MDRRMC – WASAR San Fabian thru a phone call at 10:45 am of the same day.

Immediately, personnel of CGSS San Fabian together with MDRRMC – WASAR personnel proceeded to Brgy. Nibaliw verify the veracity of the report and to conduct necessary rescue assistance.

However, the team failed to conduct SAR operations due to unfavorable sea condition. A shoreline patrol along Brgy. Nibaliw was conducted instead for possible sightings or the reported drown victim, but yielded negative result and was temporarily terminated due to restricted visibility at 6pm.

On January 25 at 7am, another surface search was conducted by the Joint SAR team at the vicinity waters of Barangays Nibaliw and Nibaliw West, Mabilao, Bolasi and Alacan in San Fabian but also yielded negative result and was terminated at 10:40am.

The victim’s cadaver was found along the shoreline of Brgy. Rabon, San Fabian, Pangasinan by a certain Mr. Manolito Narvas, resident of Brgy. Rabon on January 26 by the members of MDRRMC-WASAR San Fabian and was subsequently positively identified by his father, Mr. Von Vener Guerrero.

Guerrero’s cadaver was later turned-over to his family for proper disposition.