Manila. Clusters and drops of oil were sighted by the PCG at the vicinity waters of C5 Bagong Ilog, Pasig City yesterday, February 29 at 8:30AM.

Coast Guard Station Pasig immediately dispatched CGSS Nagpayong personnel to verify the oil spill incident report and yielded positive result. 

Further inspection and investigation conducted by CGSS Nagpayong and CGS Pasig – Marine Environmental Protection Unit (MEPU) personnel revealed that said oil spill was coming from a certain Pure Essence International Inc.

CGS Pasig has already issued an Enforcement Inspection Apprehension Receipt to the company in violation to the PCG Memorandum Circular 01 – 2005 dated 07 October 2005 under the following items:

 1. Under Para 5C (3,B) item 2

     a. Discharging of oil waste/oily water mixtures; and

2. Under Para 7A (3)

    a. Failure to notify PCG of the spill discharge