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PCG: A total of 48 passengers were transported back to safety yesterday, March 4, by the elements of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Masbate immediately after their boat incurred trouble 1.8 nautical miles off Masbate Port.

Said passengers were onboard MV City of Dapitan and was enroute to Masbate when its engine suddenly stopped.

Investigation revealed that the boat's starboard engine failed due to a broken bypass filter and oil leakage from the turbo charger of the engine that caused formation of fumes.

The incident was reported by the personnel of Montenegro ticketing office to CGS Masbate.

Personnel of CGS Masbate and PNP Maritime Group immediately conducted search and rescue operation.

Around 10:50 pm, the team has successfully transferred all passengers of MV City of Dapitan and were brought to Masbate Port. Β Likewise, two passengers were brought to the hospital for appropriate medical attention due to difficulty of breathing.

MV City of Dapitan was skippered by Captain J Lacaurin and manned by seven crew members.Β 

CGS Masbate advised the master of the vessel to file a marine protest relative to the incident.