PCG. Coast Guard Dumangas personnel successfully rescued passengers of an aground landing craft tank Our Lady of the Philippines Navistar on March 5 at the shallow portion 50 meters away from Dumangas Port. 

Reports received by personnel of CGSS Dumangas from Capt Oscar B Durano, Master of LCT Our Lady of the Philippines Navistar, disclosed that said vessel was enroute to Dumangas, Iloilo from Bacolod City and was carrying 58 passengers, 24 crew and 23 rolling cargoes when it suddenly ran aground at 2:10AM of the same date. 

Immediately, CGSS Dumangas personnel assisted and supervised the disembarkation of 18 passengers while the other 40 passengers decided to remain onboard the vessel to monitor their vehicles and cargoes onboard. 

Investigation conducted to the master of the vessel revealed that while maneuvering for docking at Dumangas Port, they accidentally ran aground at the shallow portion at the vicinity waters off the said port. 

Joint initial inspection made by personnel of CGSS Dumangas and vessel’s crew revealed no serious damage on the vessel’s hull that will affect the vessel’s watertight integrity.

The vessel was successfully pulled out from her agrounding position with the assistance of the company’s tugboat and was properly docked and secured at Dumangas Port at 7:05AM of the same date. 

Personnel of CGSS Dumangas advised the Master to file a Marine Protest relative to the incident.