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PCG. A 45 year old Butanding Interaction Officer identified as Mr Asir Principe died after suffering from cardiac arrest while he was swimming at the vicinity waters off Brgy Ugod, Donsol, Sorsogon yesterday, March 7.

Investigation revealed that Mr Principe was onboard motor banca Ramel which was skippered by Capt Manuel Nantisa. They departed Butanding Event landing ground at 7:46 of the same date together with two (2) crew and six (6) foreign passengers onboard.

While swimming at the vicinity waters of Brgy Ugod, Principe suddenly collapsed on the water and showed signs of having a heart attack. The victim was immediately given a CPR by one of the Italian passengers while he was being transported back to Butanding Event landing ground.

Upon arrival thereat, Coast Guard Sorsogon personnel immediately brought the victim to Donsol District Hospital. At 11:15AM of the same date, the victim was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician. 

The cadaver was properly turned-over to his family for proper disposition.