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PCG: The Philippine Coast Guard in Romblon has cleared concerns over possible oil spill from an agrounded vessel in the vicinity waters of Barangay Cajimos, Romblon.

Initial inspection and observation conducted by Cost Guard Station (CGS) Romblon, Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Romblon-Romblon and Marine Environmental Unit-Southern Tagalog (MEPU-STL) on LCT Bantayug yielded negative signs of oil spill as it accidentally ran aground 700 meters off the shoreline of Barangay Cajimos.

According to its master, the ship ran aground while they were maneuvering and preparing for anchoring operations last Wednesday. He also informed the Coast Guard that the vessel will be towed by tugboat Jenimig for the conduct of underwater inspection.

CGS Romblon further advised the Master of the vessel to file a marine protest and secure a certificate of seaworthiness from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) before departure.