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PCG: A total of 109 stranded passengers were assisted by the Coast Guard from an agrounded vessel at the vicinity waters of Bogo Bay Harbor Channel, Polambato, Bogo City.
MV Maria Helena of Montenegro Shipping Lines was reportedly maneuvering out of the channel at around 1:00 AM last Tuesday when strong winds caused it to run aground.
109 passengers and 11 rolling cargoes were left stranded by the incident but no signs of oil spill were seen in the area.

The personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Hagnaya immediately rendered assistance to the stranded passengers and transferred them to MV Super Shuttle Ferry 19 and fishing banca Dennis 3. They were safely ferried back to Polambato Port Terminal.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard advised the ship captain, Marlon Bodigon, to file for a marine protest and to undergo an underwater hull inspection from an accredited service provider. The Certificate of Seaworthiness from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) shall then be submitted to the PCG prior to resuming its operations.
The distressed vessel was then towed by M/Tug Angel back to Polambato Port where it unloaded all its rolling cargoes. A shipping representative from Montenegro informed that the vessel will be dry-docked as its safety certificate will expire tomorrow, April 23.