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PCG: Two passenger vessels stalled in Iloilo and Antique last Tuesday, April 19 due to dilapidated engine parts, leaving a total of 806 passengers stranded at sea.
The first incident involved M/V Trans Asia which was enroute to Cebu from Iloilo when the incident occurred.
According to its captain, Lynnielo Tiongson, the rotor blades of the Port Main Engine’s turbo charger were already worn-out and needs to be replaced. This forced the crew to divert the ship back to Arrastre Pier using a single engine.

The vessel was monitored by Coast Guard Station (CGS) Iloilo until it reached the port where some of the 662 irked passengers refunded their tickets and left.
On the same day in Semirara, Antique, M/V Kalayaan XI conked-out at the middle of its voyage due to several leaks in its engine parts.

The incident left 144 passengers stranded onboard.
Investigation revealed that the ship’s starboard main engine suddenly stopped while transiting the waters of Barangay Algeria, Semirara. The delay was apparently caused by leaks in the engine’s exhaust manifold, intake manifold, combustion chamber of the cylinder head, and fuel line.
The vessel sailed back to RJL Pier in Sitio Tonggo, Barangay Imba, Caluya using a single engine.
55 passengers cancelled their trips while 89 have decided to remain onboard while repairs are going on.
The captains of both ships were advised by the Coast Guard to file for a Marine Protest prior to resuming their operations.