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Mr. Jerome Tipon, a 27 year old member of the Alab Sagwan Dragon Boat Team was found dead by the Coast Guard Substation CCP. The cadaver was sighted at the vicinity waters off Manila Yatch Club by one security guard of MYC at around 1:20 AM today.

Alab Sagwan Dragon Boat Team was reported having their practice yesterday morning but upon reaching the entrance of Manila Yatch Club, the boat was filled-in with seawater causing it to capsize. Accordingly, the team members panicked and grabbed the half submerged boat while the victim was last seen holding the fontail when they were rescued by other team members.

The boat was loaded with 22 persons. All the twenty one (21) members were immediately rescued yesterday.

As the parents of the victim Mr. and Mrs Danilo Tipon positively identified their son, the cadaver was also turned over to them and was brought to funeral service for proper disposition.