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PCG: The security escort of a capsized skip boat was found dead around 2:00 a.m. yesterday at the vicinity waters of Navotas Fish Port.
Mark Rivera was reported missing last Sunday, May 8 after he jumped overboard the then capsizing skip boat “Consort 2” outside the breakwater of Navotas Fishport.
Investigation revealed that Consort 2 was assisting F/V Valiant Transport from maneuvering off the port when it was dragged by the latter until it capsized.
Three rescuers were immediately deployed by Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Navotas along with four Special Operations Group personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Manila. Fishermen in the area were likewise alerted that a person was missing.

Rivera’s cadaver was recovered in the wee hours of Tuesday outside the Navotas breakwater.
Meanwhile, no signs of oil spill was found in the area were Consort 2 capsized. Accordingly, the skip boat was loaded with a tank filled of 100 liters of diesel fuel. The Royal Fishing Company was advised to deploy oil spill booms around the skip boat before bringing it in an upright position using a crane.