PCG: The Philippine Coast Guard in North Eastern Luzon is all set for the upcoming typhoon season.

Disaster response capabilities and effective communications with partner agencies were further strengthened as 38 of its men and women have undergone a basic Incident Command System (ICS) training course last May 19-21.
Coast Guard District North Eastern Luzon (CGDNELZN) Commander CAPT JULIUS CAESAR VICTOR MARVIN V LIM PCG emphasized the importance of inter-agency response during natural disasters and calamities. His initiatives were echoed by Norma C. Talosig, Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defense.
The three-day ICS training honed the skills of PCG personnel from the various stations and sub-stations of North Eastern Luzon. They were taught on the background, concepts, principles, and features of ICS as well as pre-planning for major disasters through an Incident Action Planning (IAP).
IAPs presented by the groups of trainees showed their competence in planning and managing emergency response operations. As these PCG personnel graduated on the third day, they were prepared for the Integrated Planning Course.