PCG: An unnamed motor boat loaded with 50 containers of fuel sank at approximately 10 meters off Calbayog Port in Samar after it caught fire last Friday, June 10.

Said boat attempted to leave the port without a departure clearance from the Coast Guard and was already few meters away from the pier when a gasoline accidentally leaked from its container causing her to catch fire.

Members of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) who immediately responded to the fire incident failed to put out the flames until it totally consumed the boat. She eventually sank along with the 30 containers of gas and 20 containers of diesel.

Meanwhile, the six boat crew including its skipper were safely brought to Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Calbayog for inquiry and subsequently to the Our Lady of Porziuncula Hospital for medical check-up.

The Enforcement Inspection Apprehension Report (EIAR) is yet to be issued to the crew, however, all men were nowhere to be found in and around the city after they were taken to the hospital.