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PCG: Two fishermen were reported missing in two (2) separate maritime incidents in Occidental Mindoro and Pangasinan last June 19.

The first victim was identified as Jeofrey Ediza who reportedly went fishing onboard an unnamed boat in the dawn of June 16. He failed to return since.

 The crew of fishing boat “Double N8” searched for Ediza but yielded negative results due to strong winds and rough seas in the area. Upon receipt of report from the owner of Double N8, the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Subic issued a Notice to Mariners (NOTAM) to all vessels transiting in the said area to be on the look-out for Ediza.

Meanwhile in Agno, Pangasinan, a 24 year-old fisherman also went missing while on a fishing venture with two others.

Rodel Cantelo ventured into sea in the evening of Saturday together with a certain George Numel and Lando Cantelo onboard F/B Rerarex. 

The men sailed 50 nautical miles northwest of Agno and was accidentally hit by an unidentified vessel. Numel and Lando Cantelo were later rescued by a passing fishing boat but Rodel remains missing.

Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Bolinao disseminated the information to all neighboring coastal barangays and fisher folks transiting the area. They were also advised to inform the nearest PCG unit once the victim is sighted.