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PCG: Five illegal fishing boats were apprehended last Thursday by the Coast Guard following a brief chase at the vicinity waters of Cagayan.

Three of the boats were seen at 6.25 nautical miles northwest off Gonzaga, Cagayan Valley by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (BFAR MCS) 3010 vessel manned by the PCG personnel.

As the authorities approached for a boarding inspection, all fishing boats scrammed to different directions to escape. The chase was cut short as the MCS 3010 strategically out-maneuvered the targets and eventually apprehended five boats.

The PCG boarding team, together with five BFAR Quick Response Team Region II personnel, inspected all boats and found out that none had any pertinent documents onboard, all fishermen, crew, and fishing gears were unlicensed.

The apprehended boats and crew were brought to Port Irene in Sta. Ana Cagayan as per the advice of BFAR’s legal officer.

Cases will be filed on the suspects for violation of the Philippine Fisheries Code Section 113 or the Commercial Fishing Vessel Operators Employing Unlicensed Fisher folk and Crew; and Section 121 or the Use of Unlicensed Fishing Gears.