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PCG: A RORO vessel owned by the Super Shuttle Ferries was towed to Ouano Wharf, Mandaue after it went dead on waters at the vicinity of Malapascua Island today. 

Super Shuttle RORO 3 encountered engine trouble while underway to Masbate, Cebu.

It was loaded with various rolling cargoes and 27 passengers. 

The Coast Guard Action Center (CGAC) received the information from 911 hotline where a passenger requested for assistance. 

The incident was immediately coordinated to Coast Guard District Central Visayas Operation Center while the Coast Guard Station (CGS) Cebu and Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Hagnaya were alerted to provide assistance.  

Moreover, the management of Super Shuttle Ferries commissioned M/Tug Meka to tow its vessel.

CGS Cebu advised the captain of the said vessel to file a Marine Protest.