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The Coast Guard Special Operations Group convened the Coast Guard Special Operations Course Class 25-2016 with fifty seven (57) candidates last 26 August 2016 aboard.

The Coast Guard Special Operations Course (CGSOC) training is extremely demanding course designed to get the trainees fit conducted by the Coast Guard Special Operations Group. The candidates must be in excellent physical condition to last the gruelling first phase of the course which is the motivation phase. The course is a battle of the body and mind wherein candidates must fully embrace that any goal is worth pursuing and have to struggle to surpass pain and discomfort in order to develop their attitudes as best rescuers. Candidates must also push their bodies and minds so that they meet adversity with braveness and strength to become efficient special operators.

CGSOC Program of Instruction is divided into four (4) phases.

1. Motivation Phase

a. Physical Conditioning

b. Hell Week

2. SCUBA Phase

a. Occupational SCUBA

b. Technical Diving

3. Tactics Phase

a. Hydrographical Reconnaissance

b. Demolition

c. Air to Ground Operations

d. Small Unit Tactics

e. Marksmanship

4. Non-Academic

a. Physical Training and Development

b. Aptitude

c. Peer Rating

To survive the training, the candidates must develop mental preparedness; dig deep into their minds and identify the single most important thing they needed to survive. Candidates must have something that will push them further where others dared not go. The course is design to train candidates that they won’t be able to tell a drill from the real thing, that if anything real happens, it is easier.

The candidates are far more to becoming a Coast Guard Frogman, but they already made a big step to becoming a member of the Coast Guard Special Operations Group.