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The Philippine Coast Guard through the Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) and in close coordination with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Marine Environmental Protection, CG-9 conducted a Public Consultation on the newly drafted Mep Memorandum Circulars at Hotel Pier Cuatro in Cebu City last 22 September 2016.

The said public consultation was spearheaded by CDR GODOFREDO G VAGILIDAD JR PCG, Chief of Staff of MEPCOM and was attended by representatives from the different shipping companies, Malayan Towage Company and PCG accredited MARPOL equipments suppliers.

The Commander of Coast Guard District Central Visayas, COMMO GEORGE V URSABIA JR PCG welcomed all the guests and participants during the opening ceremony.

The conduct of the said activity aims to increase the awareness among the different stakeholders and to gather valuable feedbacks that can be used to improve the drafting of MEP MCs. Another public consultation is scheduled in Manila in November.