PCG: Five Korean nationals and two crew members of motor banca Dodoy Jaype were rescued last Tuesday morning, 06 December by the personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Boracay when the boat capsized during their island hopping activities.

Investigation revealed that the motor boat departed Station 3 in Boracay for an island hopping activity when it capsized between the vicinity waters of Crystal Cove Island and Magic Island due to strong winds and big waves.

Ruth Bardeleon, a staff of Crystal Cove, sighted the capsized boat and reported the incident to CGSS Boracay.Β 

The PCG rescue team immediately proceeded to the area and transferred all passengers and crew to the rescue boat and transported them to Crystal Cove Island.Β 

The survivors were all in good condition and they were identified as Park Jun Suck, Kim Ji Youn, Park Chae Yeon, Park Eun and Yim Sieong Jin.Β 

The personnel of CGSS Boracay advised the boat captain to file for a Marine Protest relative to the said incident.