PCG. Three hundred seventy six pieces of giant Malay Scorpions contained in tin cans and were packed in two (2) boxes were recovered by Coast Guard Sub-station Liminangcong personnel in Liminangcong Pier, Taytay, Palawan last December 11.

Investigation revealed that a certain Teodoro Castillo, personnel of Liminangcong Pier reported to CGSS Liminangcong and requested for assistance regarding the abandoned cargoes found at the cargo holding area of the pier. Immediately, CGSS personnel conducted inspection and discovered the giant Malay Scorpions. 

The cargoes were said to be containing cashew nuts and were shipped by a certain “Marissa”. It was intended to be loaded onboard M/V “Palawan Pearl” bound to Manila. 

Its estimated market value is five hundred sixty four thousand pesos (P564,000.00).

The confiscated Malay Scorpions were immediately turned-over to Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) El Nido, the lead agency for wildlife species, for proper disposition.