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PCG: The Undersecretary for Maritime Sector of the Department of Transportation, USEC Felipe A Judan recently commissioned the newest multi-role response vessel from Japan and renamed it as BRP Malabrigo with assigned bow number 4402 as its Guest of Honor and Speaker during the commissioning ceremony at Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard in Manila today.

Among who also attended the event were by the Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine Coast Guard, Commodore Joel S Garcia PCG, Ph.D., H.D., Al-Haj; Minister of Economic Affairs Embassy Of Japan, Minister Makoto Iyori; JICA Chief Representative, Susumo Ito.

The vessel was proclaimed as Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Malabrigo, the second of the ten (10) multi-role response vessels which was built at the shipyard of Japan Marine United Corporation in Yokohama, Japan. The vessel was named after Lighthouse Malabrigo in Lobo, Batangas to symbolize the significance of lighthouses in the maritime country.

As a tradition, a vessel is being commissioned to grant her an identity to belong to a service and to authorize her to perform the mandated mission of the agency, fly the national ensign, jack flag and the commission penant.

MRRVs features include fire monitors, night vision camera, radio direction finder, a work boat, and the bullet-proof navigational bridge. Under the project terms, the MRRVs will be the primary rescue vessels within the PCG district’s area of responsibility (AOR) when the extent of the disaster is beyond the capability of floating assets deployed within the area; provide assistance in the control of oil pollution and protection of the marine environment; enforcement all applicable maritime laws within the designated AOR, particularly relating to illegal fishing and sea patrol; service as platform for rapid response during relief operations in the area; and transport of personnel and logistical support.

The MRRVs will be deployed to various PCG Districts across the country, including Manila, La Union and Puerto Princesa.

The newly acquired Coast Guard vessel will be under the helm of Lieutenant Commander Geronimo B Tuvilla PCG as its Commanding Officer.

The acquisition of the MRRVs is under the project called the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project which was awarded by the transportation department to the Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU). It is being implemented as an Official Development Assistance (ODA) project, via a tied loan extended by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.