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PCG: Motorboat operators remain vigilant as the Coast Guard continuous searching for a 10 year old girl who went missing last Easter Sunday while swimming in Sta. Ana Wharf, Pier 1, Davao City.

The victim, Kyla Baclig Carongay went swimming with seven other children at the said area but was noticed missing upon her friends' return at the shoreline. 

As their own search efforts failed, the children reported the incident to the authorities and asked for assistance.

Thereupon, the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Davao, Special Operations Unit-Southeastern Mindanao (SOU-SEM) and Rescue 911, searched for Kyla until nightfall when the SAR operations had to be terminated due to poor visibility. 

CGS Davao continued searching the following day and likewise conducted a foot patrol along the shoreline of Sta. Ana Pier. The search yielded with negative result. 

The PCG advised motorbanca operators plying in the area to be on the lookout for any floating cadavers in the area and to report to the nearest Coast Guard station if sighted.