PCG: The Science Technical Team of the Marine Environmental Protection Command headed by Ensign Gerald Cordero PCG conducted a shoreline patrol around the vicinity waters of Boracay Island yesterday morning, 24 April to monitor the extent of algae along the Island of Boracay.

The patrol started from Din I wid Beach to Station 1 where the team identified the following algae classifications: Ulva species, Ulva Enteromorpha, and Ulva Reticulata from Family Ulvaceae and Chaetomorpha from Family Cladophoraceae.

The shoreline patrol was subsequently followed with Marine Scientific Coastal Survey together with security patrols from Coast Guard Station Caticlan. The survey was conducted to see the nearby beaches if they are also contaminated by algaes.

The coastal survey started from Station 1 to 3, to Cagban Port, Cargo Port, Tambisaan Port, Bulabog break water, Ilig-iligan Beach, Puka Shell Beach, Banyugan Beach, and Punta Beach.