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Officer-In-charge, Philippine Coast Guard Commodore Joel S Garcia welcomed the United States Ambassador to the Philippines, His Excellency Sung Kim in his visit today at Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard.

His Excellency Sung Kim was briefed by Commodore Garcia on the initiative of PCG to formulate circulars in countering any act of terrorism and narcotics. He was also informed on the administrative priorities, challenges and accomplishments of the National Coast Watch Council.

During the briefing, Commodore Garcia proposed for the procurement of Response Boat-Small (RBS) also known as Defender- Class Boat to strengthen the Maritime Law Enforcement operation of PCG. He also suggested for further training and mentoring from the US Coast Guard as well as to increase the number of PCG Cadets to study at US Coast Guard Academy.

Ambassador Sung Kim said that he appreciate the efforts of PCG in combating terrorism and in enhancing its capabilities as a Law Enforcer. He further said that they will attend to the concerns and request of PCG.