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PCG: Two crew from the earlier reported five missing were already rescued by the local fishermen conducting fishing venture at vicinity waters off Batangas.

Edwin Inajenes, the vessel’s Quartermaster, was rescued last Wednesday, January 18 by a certain Mr Sandy Ferrer while he was conducting a fishing venture at vicinity waters off Brgy Papaya, Nasugbu Batangas.

Meanwhile, Virgilio Macaraeg, was rescued yesterday, January 19 by a fisherman named Romeo Cabading at vicinity waters off Fortune Island, Batangas.

Coast Guard is still in search for the three (3) other missing crew who were reported to be last seen wearing the following before the abandonship ship last Tuesday, January 17:

1. Mr. Cilidinio Magbanua – yellow short/ green t-shirt;

2. Mr.Dennis Gadon – light blue short pants/ yellow t-shirt; and 

3. Mr. Ranilo Fetalbero –denim short pants/ white jersey