PCG: Search operation continues for a male passenger of M/V April Rose who jumped overboard the vessel last February 12 at the vicinity between Fortune Island and Calatagan, Batangas City.

The passenger was identified as a certain Mr. Norman Canto, 33 years old. 

Accordingly, Canto has a mental disability based on the statement the victim’s sister Ms. Shirley Canto and his brother Anaclito Canto.

Canto jumped overboard the vessel while underway at vicinity 6 nautical miles between Fortune Island and Calatagan, Batangas.

Due to unfavorable sea condition, the personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station Nasugbu, Batangas and Coast Guard Sub-Station Calatagan were not able to deploy their search and rescue team, instead conducted a foot patrol along the coastal area of nearby barangays and coordinated with the adjacent coastal barangays and sea crafts plying in the area.

The PCG has issued a Notice to Mariners to all vessels plying in the area and further advised local fishermen to be on the look-out for the missing passenger and to report to the nearest Coast Guard unit if sighted.