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The Philippine Coast Guard today announced that it will formally “take over the security supervision of ports, and shipping, whether public or private, including the egress and ingress to all waterways from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Philippine Port Authority (PPA)”, by virtue of Department Order (D.O.) No. 2017-008 issued on June 5, 2017. 

The order from Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade directed the PCG to supervise security operations in all seaports as part of the government implementation of state security over threats posed by the Maute Group, which has surrounded Marawi City and eventually leads to the Presidential declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.  

Pursuant to the provisions of the International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) Code, the PCG is mandated to control movements of all vessels in seaports and harbours; to impose ports and ships identification system; to designate security zones; to inspect loads and to deter the transport of illegal imports; to regulate access to ports, vessels and waterfront facilities; and to enforce appropriate security measures in all ports of Mindanao.

This entitles the right for PCG to arrest, seize and detain persons, cargo, vessels found violating maritime security and pertinent laws, and to file corresponding charges, which took its effect immediately after its issuance until Martial Law in Mindanao is lifted.  

As of press time, the Coast Guard is strictly enforcing maritime security communications by supervising and regulating port police and private security guards, mostly the K9 group, divers and under-water operations in all maritime-related proceedings.

Meanwhile, 300 personnel from different units of PCG in Luzon left last night onboard Search and Rescue Vessel 003 BRP Pampanga to augment three-location Districts in Mindanao particularly in Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao.

BRP Pampanga was also carrying various relief goods and medicines from private donors.  Further, another vessel might leave this week to transport additional set of relief goods and personnel.  

CDR ARMANDO A BALILO PCG, PCG Spokesperson, today announced to the public that PCG is now open to receive relief goods like food packs, medicines, school supplies, hygiene kits, clothes and other necessities from private individuals for the rehabilitation of our concerned citizens affected by the siege in Mindanao.