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PCG: Personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Boracay successfully rescued a man at vicinity waters approximately 400 meters away from Cagban Jetty Port in Boracay Island last July 13.

Immediately, Coast Guard Deployable Response Team (DRT) conducted search and rescue operations and spotted the man floating near Cagban Jetty Port. The team rescued the victim identified as Mr Jim Olis and was brought to the said port for immediate assistance.

Information received from Caticlan Boracay Motorboat Service Cooperative personnel revealed that Olis allegedly jumped overboard from one of the cargo plying from the Sea Breeze Cargo Area to Manoc-Manoc, Cargo Area. However, further reports said that Olis was not onboard in any motorbanca or cargo but was trying to swim across Tabon Strait from Sitio Tabon Baybay, Barangay Caticlan to Cagban Jetty Port.

Coast Guard DRT turned-over Olis who appeared to be dazed and incoherent to Municipal Social Welfare Office for medical check-up and assistance.