PCG: The PCG rendered an arrival ceremony for MRRV 4407 - SINDANGAN, the sixth Philippine Coast Guard Multi Role Response Vessel under the helm of Lieutenant Severino B Destora PCG at the Headquarters Coast Guard Ready Force Pier 13, Manila today, October 11.

The Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Sindangan was the sixth of the ten 44-meter multi-role response vessels with assigned bow number 4407 was built and delivered by the Japan Marine United Corporation (JMUC) Yokohama shipyard in Japan. Named after the Sindangan Lighthouse located in Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte, she will be an additional floating asset to be utilized by the Philippine Coast Guard designed for the conduct of environmental and humanitarian missions, as well as maritime security operations and patrol missions.

She was also designed with a bulletproof navigation bridge, fire monitors, night vision capability, a work boat, and radio direction finder capability. She is also equipped with communications and radio monitoring equipment from Rohde & Schwarz, specifically the M3SR Series 4400 and Series 4100 software-defined communication radios, and DDF205 radio monitoring equipment that would enhance the ship's reconnaissance, pursuit and communications capabilities. 

Four (4) more brand new MRRV’s will be built for the PCG and will also be named after the primary lighthouses in the country to denote its significance as one of the navigational aids in the maritime industry.

Four (4) vessels of the PCG; MRRV 4402 – BRP Malabrigo, MRRV 4406 – BRP Suluan, SARV 003 – BRP Pampanga and SARV 004 – BRP Batangas welcomed BRP Sindangan at the entrance of Manila Bay near Corregidor Island.